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Installation Methods

Understanding Single Ply Roof Build up

Installation Methods

Comparing installation methods for single ply roof systems, what type of installation should I choose?
Well, the type of installation you choose all depends on a range of external factors and structural requirements, these could be the aesthetic appeal which you would like your roof to have, the environmental impact it would have, and finally the aspect of weight loading.

There are three main installation methods which you can have for a single ply roof, these consist of:

Ballasted roof- a single ply roof system which is held in place by ballast spread across the top of the membrane, weighing it down. This can be gravel, paving slabs, or even green roofing materials.

Fully adhered roof- a single ply roofing system which is held in place with adhesive. This adhesive can be either hot or cold thanks to the latest advances InTechnology.

Mechanically fixed roof- a single ply roofing system, which is held in place with mechanical fastenings, this secures the membrane, the insulation, and the vapour control layer to the roof deck.
You should choose which one you want to use based upon your own specific requirements.

Understanding Single Ply Roof Build Up

Would you like to further understand single ply roof build up?

When installing a single ply roof, there are several layers involved which are essential to the long-term success of the roof, these include:
· The structural roof deck

· The vapour control layer

· The insulation layers

· The single ply membrane

The structural roof deck is vital as it is the basis for any single ply roof. It needs to be strong enough to hold the roof load, as well as being able to meet all the necessary requirements. There are several different types of roof decks available which include:

· Profiled metal sheeting

· Timber or panel roofing

· Concrete roofing

· Composite metal deck