Hopwood Hall – Secured Project

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are thrilled to be working with Caddick Construction on the new extensions at Hopwood Hall, where we will be installing a new Single Ply roofing system.


Project:                                Hopwood Hall


Address:                              Hopwood Hall, Middleton Campus, Rochdale Road, Middleton M24 6XH


Architects:                          Seven Architecture


Contractor:                         Caddick Construction


Roof size:                             900m2


Roof system:                      Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL Lead Grey membrane, 500E VCL, Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation mech fixed


Installation:                        Fully Adhered


About the project:

The new development at Hopwood Hall College and University Centre will involve a number of new extensions across three campus areas, including the Henry West Building, the Technical Centre and the Technical Centre Annex. These new areas will be used to create space for specialist teaching workshops as well as new classrooms, stores, staff rooms, meeting rooms, toilets and circulation areas. This will help to create a modern environment to enhance students’ learning and increase the available space.

As part of this development, a number of extensions will be created including:

  • an extension to the existing Refectory to the Henry West Building
  • a new extension to the Technical Centre, Technical Centre Annex and a new waste facility and refurbishment and alterations to the existing Technical Centre Annex
  • the construction of a new extension to the Annex rear

All of the work will be implemented in phases to reduce any disruption to teaching and learning within the college.


Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, as leading roofing experts, we will be installing the new roofing system for the Hopwood Hall College and University Centre. This will include a Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL Lead Grey membrane, a Sarnavap 500E Vapour Control Layer, and a Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation Layer. All of which will be Mechanically Fixed for maximum protection and longevity.

The Sarnavap 500E Vapour Control Layer is the first stage to be installed. It is designed to offer maximum water vapour resistance, as well as an impressive amount of durability and flexibility for long lasting security. This will be installed directly onto the roof deck and Mechanically Fixed into place.

On top of the VCL, the insulation layer will be installed. For this project at Hopwood Hall, the Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation will be used. This is an insulation option that is faced on both sides with a coated glass tissue bonded to the insulation core to create an insulation board that is tough, durable, and light weight.

Finally, to complete the project we will be installing the Single Ply membrane. We will be installing the Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL Lead Grey membrane, which is a multi-layer membrane with maximum waterproofing, weathering and proven performance. This will be Mechanically Fixed over both the Vapour Control Layer and the Insulation Layer to complete the roofing system and ensure its longevity.