Secured Project- ABInBev UK

ABlnev UK
Here at Enviroply Roofing, we are delighted to be working with Morris & Spottiswood on the ABInBev development in Samlesbury, where we will be installing a mechanically fastened Sikaplan® G-15 roofing system.
Project:                    ABInBev
Address:                  ABlnBev UK, Curedale Lane, Samlesbury, PR5 0XD
Architects:               Patrick Parsons
Contractor:             Morris & Spottiswood
Roof size:                104m2
Roof system:           S-Vap 500 E, Sikatherm® PIR AL, Sikaplan® G-15, mechanically fastened

Our role in the project at ABInBev UK:

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are Lancashire’s leading roofing experts and we are delighted to be providing the roofing system for this development at ABInBev in Preston.
For this project we will be installing a Sikaplan roofing system, including the S-Vap 500 E vapour control layer, Sikatherm® PIR AL insulation and the Sikaplan® G-15 single ply membrane.
We will begin by installing the S-Vap 500 E vapour control layer which is specifically designed to prevent damage caused by condensation and water vapour. This is a thick polyethylene based vapour control layer that has a notably low moisture vapour transmission rate and a high level of moisture vapour resistance. As such, this can contribute to a high level of roofing quality as well as longevity.
We will then install the insulation layer, which for the ABInBev development will be the Sikatherm® PIR AL insulation. These are high quality insulation boards that are faced on both sides with an aluminium composite foil, which is bonded to the insulation core for fantastic thermal resistance. This insulation option is also lightweight with a high compressive strength for a long lasting roofing system.
The Sikaplan® G-15 single ply membrane will complete the roofing system. This is a membrane that offers exceptional longevity due to its high level of durability, as well as its outstanding resistance to weathering, including permanent wind resistance, and high level of UV resistance, as well as its high water vapour permeability.