January 2022 Newsletter

January Newsletter



Welcome to Januarys Issue

Happy New Year!

We here at Enviroply Roofing hope that you have had a fantastic 2022 so far!

January Newsletter



Key Considerations for Commercial Roof Design

To make sure your roof design will be suitable for your property, there are some essential details to bear in mind, and design around.

These include:

  • Dealing with Water
  • Wind Load
  • Durability


Dealing with Water:

Commercial Roofs need to be able to deal with the issue of water. No matter what roof you have, water can pose a serious problem/challenge. As many commercial roofs are designed to be flat, this can present an additional concern, as water can build up on the surface and cause a range of problems.

As a result, all commercial roofs should be designed to deal with potential water issues in a number of ways. This can include:

  • Falls for Flat Roofs 

Flat Roofs should always be created with a small Gradient to ensure that water is bale to run down into gutters and drains to prevent ponding and standing water.

  • Gutters and Draining

There are many drainage options available for a flat roof, which will ensure that water can be effectively carried away.

  • Blue Roofs

Blue Roofs are able to store/hold water and release it slowly over a period of time which helps to prevent flooding.



Wind Load:

For any commercial roof, it is essential that the roof is designed with the capability to withstand the wind, and uplift. If your roof is not prepared for this, then this can cause damage to your roof within storms and windy weather. Therefore we carry out wind load calculations to help determine how to install a new roof, and the amount of roof components, fixings, or ballast is required.




Durability is key when installing a new commercial roof. They will need to last for a long period of time without being damaged by debris, animals, heat or even heavy weather. Therefore we use Single ply as they can offer a high level of durability.


January Newsletter



Commercial Roof Refurbishment Options

There are several different options available if you want to restore or refurbish your existing commercial roof.

These options include:

  • Stripped and Replaced
  • Overlayed
  • Partially replaced


Stripped and Replaced:

A complete strip of your flat roof may be the best option to do if your roof has been leaking for any length of time, or if a repair which has previously been attempted has failed.

By fully stripping the roof, this removes all of the damaged roofing layers, which could include the roof deck if necessary. This is crucial for the structural integrity of the roof, as well practical concerns like repairing water damage and maintaining thermal efficiency. Depending on the level of damage caused, the roof can then be replaced with a whole new roof system, including a roof deck, vapour control layer and insulation and single ply membrane



If you choose to overlay your existing roof, this can further protect your property from weather and elemental damage, as well as animal activity.

Overlaying involves using the existing roof waterproofing as a vapour control layer, and applying additional thermal insulation, and a single ply membrane on top of this.

However an overlay can only be implemented when the existing water-proof layer is examined for durability, damage and security, as it will slightly raise the level of the roof, as more layers will be added to the roof deck. It will need to be analysed in terms of how this is attached to the substrate, to prevent wind uplift from causing damage to the new roof overlay. 


Partially Replaced:

Your flat roof may be able to be partially replaced if only part of your roof is damaged, or if a leak is contained to a small area. Minor areas of damage to the uppermost layers of the roofing system can easily be partly replaced in the correct circumstances, however it’s important to ascertain the cause of the damage, be it weather, animal, or age, to help find long term solutions to this issue before a partial replacement is installed.

Your existing roof must meet the following requirements for a partial replace to be considered:

  • The roof is able to be replaced in strips, without damaging the other layers of the roof, such as the insulation, vapour control layer or the roof deck
  • The problem or leak can be shown to only be localized, and not widespread
  • The roof elements are individually attached


January Newsletter



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