Case Study: Staycity Apartment Hotel (Sika)

Staycity Apartment Hotel

Client:                                   MSDL Management Ltd

Roofing contractor:            Enviroply Roofing Ltd

Project name:                      StayCity Apart Hotel, Manchester

Location:                             Mason Street, Manchester

Area:                                    1,000m2




Project Requirement

As an impressive feature in the Manchester city skyline, the stunning and contemporary StayCity Apart Hotel required a roof that was every bit as unusual and eye-catching as the overall building design.

Forming a key part of Manchester’s New Cross Neighborhood Development Framework, the building combined architectural quirk with a nod to the heritage of the district. As such, there were some unusual features that posed a challenge for the roofing contractor.

The nine-Storey 224-bed aparthotel had external windows that staggered at each floor, guiding the eye to the zig-zagged roof, a literal ‘crown’ atop the building. The complex roof gave the illusion of a pitched warehouse roof profile, lending to the historical context of the area.

A number of challenging features had to be overcome, including a narrow abutment line, a plant room roof with 4m high upstands leading to the main roof, and, most notably, the zig-zag edge profile which featured on all outward-facing sides of the building. The 1,000m2 roof was also u-shaped, with a 10m return in the middle of one of the elevations.


Sika Sarnafil Solution

Appointed roofing contractor Enviroply Roofing Ltd proposed the Sika Sarnafast System for the challenging job, which included Sarnafil single ply membrane – an ideal solution to counter the challenging angles of the roof – along with a Sarnavap vapour barrier, tapered SarnaTherm insulation and fixings.

Before the roofing contractor approached the zig-zag upstand, the main flat roof was installed, cutting around it and installing peel stops. Flashing was cut to fit the area and, once the vapour barrier was fastened to the timber substrate, S327-15EL single ply in light grey was installed with fixings and finished with a drip-edge trim.

Being highly unusual, the zig-zag upstand warranted a bespoke approach. With no right angles from which to start, the contractor devised a sophisticated tapered scheme to provide the most efficient and stylish option for the client.

A tapered insulation system was used to create falls and appropriate roof drainage, which varied in depth at different points across the roof.

After that the team moved on to the perimeter work on the terrace abutment line. The lower level terrace required its own tapered plan. All areas were laid with a Sarnavap vapour barrier applied to a concrete substrate, before the Sika Sarnafil single ply membrane was installed.

The Sika Sarnafast System offered malleability, longevity, durability and provided a contemporary finish that complemented the carefully considered aesthetics of the building. It was also particularly well-suited to the high nine-Storey building due to its resistance to lifting from wind velocity.

The project was overseen by the MD of Enviroply Roofing Ltd along with a Sika technician who both scrutinised work to ensure that the application and finish was consistent with Sika’s market-leading quality.

The final roof, which was electronically tested for damage to ensure it met legal requirements, was well received by the client, who can now benefit from a low-maintenance solution with a 25-year guarantee, helping keep facilities management costs down with long-lasting reassurance.


System Build-Up

Sika Sarnafil single ply membrane, S327-15EL in light grey

Sarnavap vapour barrier

Tapered foil faced PIR Insulation mechanically fixed