Arncliffe Road – Secured Project

Arncliffe Road - Secured Project

As leading roofing experts we are delighted to be part of the redevelopment at Arncliffe Road, here at Enviroply Roofing working with Vistry Partnerships.


Project:                                Arncliffe Road


Roof system:                      IKO


Installation:                        IKO Single Ply P membrane, Fully Adhered, Felt VCL, IKO PIR Tapered Insulation


Address:                             Arncliffe Road, Halewood, Liverpool


Contractor:                         Vistry Partnerships


Roof size:                            1640m2


About the project:

The Arncliffe Road development will see the construction of a new extra care facility in Halewood, on the site of the former Cherry Tree Children’s Centre. The redevelopment will include the construction of 77 affordable apartments intended for residents aged 55 and over, and there are a range of plans included to help make later living more accessible. This will include the development of a salon, bistro, treatment room, and communal lounge, as well as staff facilities, landscaping, car parking and guest suites for visitors.


Our role in the project:

Our role in this project will involve creating a Fully Adhered roof system for the property, which will be completed in three stages.

The Vapour Control Layer (VCL) – for this we will be installing a felt VCL designed to be completely airtight with maximum water resistance. This is designed to prevent condensation from causing structural problems to the roof, as well as to minimise moisture build up within the roof, allowing for a more robust roofing system.

The Insulation Layer – on top of the VCL we will be installing IKO PIR tapered Insulation. Designed specifically for use in IKO roofing systems, this is an Insulation Layer that can provide a high level of thermal insulation for any property. The Insulation boards are made from expanded polystyrene and are tapered. The overall design of the boards allows for the perfect pitched slope to be created, with one end of the board deeper than the other. This can be very effective for the slight slope needed for correct drainage.

The Single Ply membrane – finally, the roof will be completed with the installation of the IKO P membrane. This is a specific type of robust, polyester-reinforced membrane that offers incredible tensile strength, as well as complete UV protection, for long-lasting high-quality results. This will also provide the new roof at the Arncliffe Road development an improved product performance and a sleek and stylish finish.