Warrington & Halton ED Plaza – Secured Project

We are delighted to be creating two new Single Ply roofing systems for the extension and development at Warrington & Halton Hospitals ED Plaza alongside Tilbury Douglas.


Project:                                Warrington & Halton Hospitals ED Plaza


Address:                              Warrington Hospital, Lovely Lane, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 1QG


Architects:                          Gilling dod architects


Contractor:                         Tilbury Douglas construction Ltd (Northwest)


Roof size:                             469m2


Roof system:                       Roof 1: IKO Armourplan PSG membrane, Systems SA VCL, IKO PIR/EPS Tapered Insulation

                                            Roof 2: IKO Armourplan PSG membrane, Spectravap PE VCL, IKO PIR/EPS   Tapered Insulation


Installation:                        Fully Adhered


About the project at Warrington & Halton ED Plaza:

The Warrington & Halton Hospital ED Plaza extension will see the development of a new two-Storey gable end extension space as part of the Appleton Building. The ground floor of this 1170sqm extension will be exclusively designed for patient care. This space will be used for assessment areas and hot clinics, as well as triage space, ambulatory care and GP streaming services. Above on the second floor, there will be new staff break areas and administrative equipment that currently takes significant space out of the existing Emergency Department capacity.

Overall, on completion, the project will be expected to deliver a Social Value Return on Investment of £1.7m.


Our role in the project:

For our role in this project, here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing two separate roofing systems. Each of these will involve the IKO Armourplan PSG membrane and the IKO PIR/EPS Tapered Insulation.

The IKO Armourplan PSG membrane is the Single Ply membrane that will complete both of the new roof structures, being installed on top of the Vapour Control Layer and the Insulation Layer to create a practical and efficient Warm roofing system. This membrane is one of the leading Single Ply membranes on the market and is designed for complete UV stability and enhanced mechanical properties. On this property, the IKO Armourplan PSG membrane will bring a range of benefits for both of the new roof systems, including increased durability, improved product performance and a sleek and stylish finish. The IKO Armourplan PSG membrane is a glass tissue reinforced polyester fleece backed membrane that is perfect for both sloping roof design of the Warrington & Halton Hospital ED Plaza extension.

The IKO PIR/EPS Tapered Insulation that we will be installing is the perfect option for creating the sloping roof system designed for this project. These are Insulation boards made from expanded polystyrene which offers a high level of thermal insulation for any property. In addition, the insulation boards are tapered which allows for the perfect pitched slope to be created, with one end of the board deeper than the other, allowing the right gradient to be created.