Secured Project Campbell St

Secured Project Campbell St

For one of our latest secured projects, we have fantastic news to be once again working with @Watson Homes for the development of 60 new affordable homes in #Bolton.

Project: Campbell St

Address: Land at Campbell Street, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7HH

Architects: TADW Architects

Contractor: Watson Homes

Roof size: 526m2

Roof system: Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Roof, S327-15EL, Sikatherm PIR AL Insulation, Sarnavap 5000E SA, vapour control layer

Installation: Mechanically Fixed


Project overview:

The project at Campbell Street will create 60 new and affordable homes for rent. These will comprise 48 apartments and 12 houses, with a rent 20% lower than average local rates. This is designed to meet Bolton at Home’s pledge to deliver more affordable housing in the area.


Our role in the project:

For this project, we will be installing two separate new roof systems for block one and block two of the new apartments. This will include a full roof deck, vapour control layer, insulation, and a Single Ply Membrane for each roof.

For both the new roof systems, a plywood roof deck will be created designed to meet building standards and guidelines, as well as load requirements.

For the vapour control layer on each roof, we will be applying the Sarnavap 5000E Membrane. This is a vapour control layer that offers full flexibility, and a high level of water vapour resistance. It is also non decaying and has been proven to be incredibly durable. This makes it the perfect option for the Campbell Street project.

Following on from the vapour control layer, we will then be installing the insulation. For this, we have selected Sikatherm PIR AL Insulation Boards for each new roof. Designed to offer maximum thermal insulation, these boards are faced on each side with aluminum foil to reduce thermal conductivity to a minute level. These boards also offer a high level of strength.

Finally, each roof will be completed with a Sika Sarnafil S327-15EL Single Ply Membrane. This is one of the most popular of the Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Membrane options, as it offers a high level of performance and longevity. Made from premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has been polyester reinforced, the membrane can provide full weatherproof protection as well as a high level of flame retardant, wind resistance and UV resistance.