Secured Project Burnley College

Secured Project Burnley College

We are thrilled to once again be working with John Turner and ABW Architects Ltd to provide top quality roofing solutions for a roofing extension at Burnley College.


Project: Burnley College, Teaching Block & Sports Centre Extension

Address: Burnley College, Princess Way, Burnley, BB12 0AN

Architects: ABW Architects Ltd

Contractor: John Turner

Roof size: 1200m2

Roof system: Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Roof, G410-20EL, Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation, Sarnavap 500E SA vapour control layer

Installation: Mechanically fixed


Project overview:

This project involves the creation of a teaching block and sports Centre extension, with different roof structures to be created at different levels.


Our role in this project:

For this project our team will be creating a high and low roof for both the sports hall and the teaching block, and the project will also involve a concrete deck space for the sports hall too.

The vapour control layer will be installed directly over the new roof deck, and for this we will be using the Sarnavap 500E. This is a foil faced reinforced bituminous membrane, which offers a high level of water vapour resistance, as well as an impressive amount of durability and flexibility. For the concrete sports hall deck area, and the lower teaching block roof, it will have a concrete deck, and the vapour control layer will be fully adhered to the roof deck. For the other roof systems this vapour control layer will be loosely laid and secured at the perimeter and edges, in accordance with best practices.

For the next stage of the new roof build up, we will be using Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation. This is an insulation option that has a proven track record for quality and longevity, while offering a high level of thermal insulation. For the higher and lower sports hall roof, and the higher teaching block roof, we will be using mechanically fixed insulation boards in a staggered bond pattern. However, for the roof spaces with a concrete deck this insulation will be tapered and will be fully adhered to the surface.

Finally, we will complete each roof with the Sika Sarnafil G410-20EL Single Ply Membrane. This will provide maximum durability and flexibility while fully protecting any roof and property from the elements. It will be fully adhered to the surface and will be hot air welded around the edges for maximum protection.