Dickinson’s Market Street Chorley

Dickinsons Market Street Chorley

Client: H Dickinson Ltd

Project: Dickinson’s, Market Street Chorley

Size: 170m2

Product: IKO


About the Project:

A long established and highly thought of local business approached us regarding the roof on one of their buildings behind their shop on Market Street in Chorley.  Them being a prominent and local business, we were keen to work with them and their budget to secure the works.

The building in question is used as a store / warehouse and had a very old roof – aged 30+ years, with old skylights, failed concrete copings and after a full roof survey we established that the roof was failing in many areas.


The key challenges:

On first attending site, due to the visible condition of the roof a full roof survey was conducted, considering the condition inside the building.  It was established that the roof would need to be fully stripped back to the existing Firrings, the skylights removed and the plywood deck would need to be fully replaced.

As the building was in use, and to minimise disruption we agreed a programme of work with the client to allow them to manage movement of their goods inside the building without having to re-locate during the refurbishment.

Additionally, due to the location of the building and surrounding properties, access to site, the placement of scaffolding and the location of skips was limited and needed careful consideration to avoid disruption for pedestrians and nearby premises.


The System:

We fully stripped back the existing roof, removing the old skylights and employed local joiners to install a full new plywood deck and upstands.

We fully adhered IKO Armourplan SG in dark grey to the new roof deck, fully encapsulating the new timber upstands with membrane trim to replace the failed concrete copings.


The Result:

All work was completed within 1 week as per the schedule agreed with the client and to a very high standard as we have come to expect from our skilled workforce.

The manufacturer inspector commented “All works are complete and have been finished to a good standard” and approved the work for a 15 year guarantee.

Our client is very happy and has since contacted us to inspect and quote for further works.