Secured Project – Former Stalybridge Police Station

Secured Project Stalybridge
Here at Enviroply Roofing we are thrilled to again be working with Watson Homes, to install a mechanically fixed Alumasc roofing system, for the development of the former Stalybridge Police Station.
Project:             Former Stalybridge Police Station
Address:           Former Police Station, Corporation Street, Stalybridge SK15 3LJ
Architects:        Metek PLC
Contractor:       Watson Homes
Roof size:          496 m2
Roof system:    Alumasc
Installation:       Alumasc Renolit Alkorplan Single Ply Membrane, Alumasc FF PIR Insulation, Alcumasc VCL,
                            mechanically fixed

About the project:

The development at the former police station in Stalybridge will involve demolishing the building that has stood empty since 2005. This will then be replaced with a four storey building for supported living flats. There will be a total of 24 one and two-bedroom flats, and a 24 hour care team will be on hand from a registered provider. The flats will be rented in consultation with the council’s housing service.
The property has been designed by architects Metek PLC to reflect the historic mill buildings associated with the local area, and will add much needed supported housing in a great location.

Our role in the project:

We will be installing an Alumasc roofing system for this development, for both the main roof and the lower roof, here at Enviroply Roofing. Each of the roofs will be completed in the same way, using the same Alumasc single ply roof build up.
We will begin by installing a high quality Vapour Control Layer (VCL) which will be responsible for reducing condensation build up and preventing moisture from the warm air inside the building from escaping into the roof deck. This helps to protect the structural integrity of the roof and prevents materials from degrading due to moisture build up.
Following the installation of the vapour control layer we will then be installing the insulation layer. Thermal insulation is essential for any residential property, as this can prevent heat from escaping the property through the roof, and it can also prevent the property from heating too much in the sun. As such, it has a big impact on energy efficiency and sustainability. For this development we will be installing 160mm Alumasc FF PIR Insulation, to ensure full and complete thermal insulation. These square edged, rigid insulation boards have a composite foil facing on both sides which helps to improve the performance of the insulation. These will be mechanically fixed into position.
Finally, we will complete the roofing build up with an Alumasc Renolit Alkorplan Single Ply Membrane. A single ply membrane provides the weatherproof and waterproof protection for your roofing system, but the Renolit Alkorplan membrane offers more than this. This is a thermoplastic PVC-P membrane option that has been in use for more than four decades, with proven results. It’s known for its impressive weatherproof qualities, UV resistance, strength, flexibility and durability and will be guaranteed for 20 years as standard. This single ply membrane will be mechanically fixed to complete the roofing system.