We are excited to be working with Fortis Developments on a brand new development at Glovers Court in Preston.

Project Details:

Project:               Glovers Court
Address:             14 Glovers Court, Preston, PR1 3LS
Architects:          Reid Architects
Roof size:            400m2
Roof system:      Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Roof, G410-15EL
Installation:        Fully Adhered

Our role in the project:

For this project we will be using our expertise and knowledge to create a single ply cold roof system including the installation of a new roof deck.
The roof deck we will create will be an OSB deck which means that it is made from  Orientated Strand Board (OSB). This is designed to fit appropriately for the loads and span of the joists. This is thick and load-bearing, designed to be durable, and resilient.
We will be installing a Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL membrane. Made from multi-layer polyvinyl chloride (PVC), of premium quality, this high standard polymeric membrane is a versatile and resilient choice. Flame resistant, UV resistant, strong, durable and flexible, this is a single ply membrane that is  designed to withstand direct exposure to the elements, for decades: which makes this membrane the perfect choice.
The single ply membrane will be installed using a fully adhered system. This means that every cm of the roof will be secured, with no spaces or gaps. This dramatically reduces the chances of movement, especially due to wind uplift.